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Since tomorrow's episode is supposed to take place in the Griffon Kingdom, do you think we will finally see the return of Gilda? 

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You Smooze, You Lose

Journal Entry: Sat May 16, 2015, 4:40 PM
After a week off, the show is back now. So far this has been a decent start off to the new season. We’ve seen a new town and villain, returned to an old town, and had some touching moments. But now we come upon an episode that I never thought we’d see be focused on, Discord. Granted he’s been focused on in Keep Calm and Flutter On, but he wasn’t really the main focus in that episode.

Since the season 4 finale, I have been wondering what the team would do with him. I doubt that he was going to be given a major overhaul since even though he’s expressed remorse for his actions and wanted to bring peace by stopping Tirek, he is the Lord of Chaos after all. Imagine the surprise though when it’s revealed that his episode would center not just with Fluttershy, but on the Grand Galloping Gala. Yup, the season 1 finale makes its return here.  Aside from that, another G1 character makes his return here.

Natasha Levinger is our writer this time around. She’s done a good job in the past with Pinkie Apple Pie, and It Ain’t Easy Being Breezies. So what mess does Discord get himself into? Has the GGG been improved from way back in season 1? How does the first Discord centered episode hold up? You all know why you’re here. Let’s dive in.

We start out at Fluttershy's house, where Discord and Fluttershy are having their weekly Tea Tuesday. Fluttershy tells Discord that she's met a new friend while seeing the Breezies called Tree Hugger. Discord, at first, tries to remain calm and asks about her, to which Fluttershy says some good things about her. When she mentions the upcoming Grand Galloping Gala, Discord thinks that she's inviting him, but Fluttershy tells him that she's bringing Tree Hugger. Discord has enough and decides to take his leave.

Cut to Spike's room, where he's sleeping, but is suddenly woken up by Discord in a rather awkward way.…

Yeah, this doesn't scream out of context.

Discord demands to know where Twilight is, but Spike says she's in Canterlot helping to prepare for the Gala. He leaves, and Spike is naturally scared out of his mind. We then cut to Carousel Boutique, where the CMC are getting their dresses and are excited about going to the Grand Galloping Gala. Applejack tries to tell the girls that it's no big deal, but when she sees Apple Bloom in her gala dress, she says she's all grown up and....cries? Wait, I thought Applejack cried INTERNALLY.  Maybe it's different that it's family, but Tanks for the Memories proved that Applejack cries on the inside only.

Anyway, Discord shows up and scares the CMC. He asks if any of them got invited, or extra tickets to the Gala. After he's told off, he decides to leave. He heads to Sugarcube Corner, where Discord tries to sneak up on Pinkie Pie in Metal Gear fashion…

I like how they even got the "Alert" sound effect in.

He tries to ask if she's brought anypony along to the GGG while ordering all the cakes. Pinkie says she is actually bringing Maud along with her. Discord then sees Fluttershy with Tree Hugger, and tells Pinkie to cancel his order, much to her dismay. He goes over to Fluttershy and Tree Hugger and he tells them in a rather unconvincing matter he doesn't mind Fluttershy not taking him, and decides to go home.

We cut to the stuff nightmares are made of, AKA Discord's realm. He angrily goes off about Fluttershy's new friend and mocks her as he "cleans" his house, even doing windows (I guess he does do them now). When he finishes, he sees a mail pony floating around his realm (Who knew the realm of Chaos could be so easily accessed?). The mail pony, Post Haste, hands Discord a letter, which contains his own invite to the GGG. When asked why it took so long, Post Haste says he got last by attacking flying badgers (that's a sentence I never thought I'd write). Discord sends him on his way, and decides that since Fluttershy is out of the question, he'll bring along somepony else. However, while Discord talks to himself, Post Haste is taken away.…

Fair thee well, Poste Haste.

So the night of the GGG arrives, and it seems nothing really much has changed. Though, thankfully, no sign of Blueblood at all. Twilight is talking to Celestia about helping with the duties to help ease things up for her. Well if Celestia has this much trouble with the Gala and needed help, this raises the question as to where Luna is. Yeah, spoiler alert, Luna is once again absent from the GGG. What the Hell, Celestia? You didn't invite your sister again?

Anyway, Discord makes a rather big entrance, and reveals who he has brought with him. Enter The Smooze, a G1 villain from the MLP movie in 1986. I got to say, it is nice to see more villains from the past generations showing up. Discord tells everypony he likes shiny things and eats them when he sees them. Twilight goes up to Discord and wants to know why he brought the Smooze along. Discord says he'll keep an eye on her, to which Twilight says he better.

Discord then sees Fluttershy talking with Tree Hugger and decides to go see them. He tries to get Fluttershy's attention, but she doesn't seem that interested in him. While he's trying to get involved, the Smooze causes some trouble around the ball room. Discord decides to send him outside and has the door locked. While trying to start a conversation though, Rarity lets out a scream from beyond the door. Twilight opens it and tells everypony that the Smooze ate all her jewels. Twilight scolds Discord about not keeping an eye on the Smooze, and says he will watch over him. He goes to Rarity and uses a vacuum to clean her up and remove her dress.…

Rarity, ponies normally don't wear clothes anyway.

Discord has enough of the Smooze and throws him into an unlocked closet so he can focus on Fluttershy. The Smooze turns and sees something to its delight.…

Worst secured castle ever. How much you want to bet Celestia leaves an "End of World" spell just right out in the hallway?

Discord checks on Fluttershy, and when he hears her say about how funny Tree Hugger is, like how she told Discord the same thing, he gets angrier. So he cuts the power and begins an impromptu stand up comedian. He makes a remark about Twilight and how hard of a time she has flying, to which Princess Celestia laughs at it. Well, I will give credit to Discord, he is right about that. However, while the other ponies are looking on, Danny Torrance, in his MLP form, notices a glow coming from the closet.…

Heeere's Smoozy!

After another failed joke, Maud makes the audience laugh with one of her jokes. However, as they laugh, the Smooze breaks out and Twilight notices it. The Smooze has grown really big from eating all the jewelry. It floods the entire ballroom, but Discord doesn't seem to mind at all. He goes over to where Fluttershy and Tree Hugger are. Tree says that Smooze's "senses are agitated", and does a noise to calm it down, and return it to normal size.

Everypony congratulates Tree on her quick thinking, but Discord finally snaps and lifts up Tree Hugger. He opens a portal which sends him to a shoe string budget version of The Muppets. The others step in to help, but the Smooze takes them away. As Discord is about to do it though, Fluttershy steps in and scolds Discord for his bad behavior. He accuses Fluttershy of abandoning him for Tree Hugger, even though they've been friends for a while now. Fluttershy says though that just because she has a different friend doesn't mean it's the end of their friendship. She points out about if Discord had a friend that loved chaos, it wouldn't end their friendship.

Upon hearing this, Discord realizes he had overreacted a bit, and tries to apologize to Fluttershy, but she tells him to apologize to Tree Hugger. He releases her from his grasp, and pulls out all the jewelry that Smooze ate. He then apologizes to Tree Hugger, who seems to reluctantly accept it. Later on, Discord apologizes to Smooze for his behavior and for ignoring him as well since he too is a friend of his.

Meanwhile, Twilight is upset the Gala went off course again, but Celestia says that Discord helped liven it up again. You know, this is twice now Celestia has said the GGG is boring. Why does she even host it anymore? What's stopping her from even just canceling it forever since she doesn't like it? I don't know. So the episode ends with Pinkie dancing with the Smooze, and Twilight and Celestia taking part in the fun.

So was this episode truly worth waiting an additional week? Well I got to say that this episode did live up to its hype. I actually do think this has been a big step up from the past few episodes. It's got some really great moments, some good references, and I think it was good Discord based episode all around.

However, one thing people have pointed out, and I do agree on it, was that this episode was actually similar to that of Owl's Well That Ends Well. You got a jealous character (Like Spike/Discord), an oblivious character (Twilight/Fluttershy), and some new character (Owlowiscious/Tree Hugger). However, I will give this episode credit for not being a complete clone of it. Unlike OWTEW, it does NOT have the characters treating the new character like the best thing ever. It does NOT have Fluttershy being over insensitive towards Discord (Unlike Twilight being a jerk to Spike throughout OWTEW), and Tree Hugger was actually pretty clever in stopping the Smooze, and not some Gary Stu like character like Owlowiscious. I actually consider this episode to be OWTEW done RIGHT. It's like someone on the team saw how bad that episode was, and wanted to rectify it with a better written episode. So I will credit this episode for at least doing another take on it, and doing it better.

The references and jokes were great. We got some Metal Gear Solid stuff in, and some The Shining as well. Pinkie was being funny with the camera shaking. Maud was just as awesome as always. I also enjoyed seeing Discord's reactions towards Tree Hugger, especially towards the end of the episode. It had a lot of good laughs, and the references were really good.

Discord was pretty good in this episode, but I have to admit that I find it strange that he still finds Fluttershy to be his only friend. I get that maybe after his betrayal by helping Tirek, the others could feel a little uneasy around him since he back stabbed them, but I find it strange that even after all this, he only considers Fluttershy his only friend, even though he has somewhat improved his relationship with Twilight. Maybe in the future we'll see Discord getting along better with the others.

Also, I was disappointed that Princess Luna didn't make an appearance at all. They got Spike to show up at the GGG, so why not her? Granted Spike was in the background, but he at least showed up at the Gala, unlike Luna. Is she just disbarred from the GGG?

My biggest issue with the episode as a whole is that I feel that maybe Fluttershy could have tried being reasonable towards Discord about her new friend. I think if the episode had Fluttershy trying to assure Discord that she was still his friend, and over time she grew impatient with him about how he felt, it would've worked out better. However, her being more oblivious and ignoring Discord kind of hurt the episode. It's not like how Twilight acted towards Spike in OWTEW, but the similarities are obvious.

Regardless though, this episode was a fun one all around. Good references, a return to the GGG, the Smooze was great, Maud was awesome, and it had some general good character development for Discord and his friendship with Fluttershy. It's definitely the best episode of the season so far, and a good way to really start off a week hiatus of the show.

Can the season continue to improve next week as Pinkie and Rainbow go hunting for a treasure? Will we finally see the return of a griffon that a growing number of fans want back? Well we'll have to wait and find out next week.

FINAL SCORE: 9.5 out of 10

Your thoughts on today's episode?

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